Saving arms

Because God is Able!

We Are Saving Arms

Saving Arms is an organization that works with street children in Uganda. We believe that “the arm of the Lord is not too short to save.” God is able to free street children from poverty and save them from the streets, bring them back into society and their families.


The arm of the Lord is not to short to save

We value


We believe that the best way to achieve good results is to work together with local people.
They know the culture and speak the language. They are able to get children out of poverty.

 Child protection

We believe a child must grow up in a safe place near his family, that is the place were a child must grow up.
The desires and rights of the child are our priority. Click here for our child protection policy.

 Faith Based

We believe that the love of Jesus Christ is bigger then poverty.
God is able to save children from adiction and poverty.

    help us create changes

    In the lives of the Street Children of Uganda

    About Us

    Saving Arms is a faith-based organization that works with underprivileged communities to improve the lives of underprivileged children in Uganda, promoting the well-being of children in slums, ghettos, streets and villages,,

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    What We Do

    • We can provide 30-40 boys with an daily meal.
    • We organize soccer training and matches every week..
    • We want to introduce them to the love of Jesus.
    • We provide the boys with safe shelter, education and proper care

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