How you can help?

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Sleep one Night in a Box

The boys we support have to face exposure to the elements regularly. They have to huddle together in boxes, or wrap themselves in garbage bags to keep warm. To express your solidarity we suggest arranging a night beneath the stars with your local sports club or church youth group. Together with your friends, you’ll spend a night in your improvised cardboard shelter. That way, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to live on the street without a roof over your head.

Zip Your Lip

The Soroti children have to make do with less than half a euro per day. Meaning if they get to eat just once a day they would count themselves lucky. If they’re not they might not get to eat for several days. To raise awareness, help us by organizing a Zip your Lip event where people forgo food for a 24 hour period. It’s a good way to truly experience what it’s like to go hungry.


Invite Us over for a Presentation

Saving Arms believes that ‘the Lord’s hand is no shortened, that it cannot save’ – Isaiah 59:1

For children living on the street the situation often seems desperate; addiction and other dangers are never far off. We often ask ourselves whether the Lord’s arm reaches far enough to save these kids when their future looks bleak. Pieter Hazenoot is a student of theology and glad to speak on topics like salvation and God working against all odds. Invite him over if you wish to learn what the bible tells us about salvation.

More information?

Curious about what we do? Invite us for an evening where we share the stories of the wonderful children we work with. Want to organize something yourself but don’t know how? Just ask, we’d love to help! E-mail us at