Soroti project

Street Children Outreach

We are allowed to provide 30-40 boys with a daily meal, medical care and clothing.

It is wonderful to see that the boys can be children for a while.

We want to introduce them to the love of Jesus through music, an encouraging message and dance. We want to teach them to love God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.

We organize weekly football training and matches. After they have finished playing football, they are given the opportunity to wash and enjoy a warm meal.

We provide the boys with safe shelter, education and proper care. The house is called “the dream house” by the boys. It is a safe place where eight boys currently live permanently. In addition, we often temporarily shelter boys in consultation with youth care until we can bring them back to their families.

Our Dream

In the future we hope to offer more street children a safe home in Soroti. We have taken a big step and bought a piece of land for this purpose. The land is 2 hectares and it costs 24,000 euros. We pay this amount off in two years.

Vetgetables & Chicken

In the fields we will grow vegetables and keep and care for chickens. We hope to be able to use it in the best possible way. Do you want to help us with this? Then sponsor us and help us give shelter to the street children!

Extra Woonruimte

We are already allowed to cultivate the land and we hope to create extra living space as soon as possible so that the boys can go and live there quickly.

So far there has been €650.00 donated of our target amount of  €24000.00 That is 2.71% of the target amount!


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